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Made With Molecules

custom amino acid jewelry

$70.00 - $470.00

amino acid alphabet = aminobet

Amino acids each have a name, a three letter code, and a one letter code. By using the one letter code, we can spell words or names in amino acids. There are 22 amino acids that occur naturally in proteins, which covers most of the English alphabet.

I've made sterling silver charms in the shapes of the amino acids. They link together via the peptide bond positions. Choose your favorite word or name, and I’ll make a custom necklace (soldered together N to C, of course).

The available letters are: A C D E F G H I K L M N P Q R S T U V W Y

A few of the many possible combinations:

I offer earrings and necklaces. You can choose vertical or horizontal style for the necklaces. The vertical style necklace comes on a snake chain that is adjustable between 16-18 inches. The horizontal style works best as a short or choker length necklace, and I typically make these 16 inches with the ability to be adjusted to shorter lengths. If you would like a different option than listed, please email [email protected] to order.

Since these are custom, please allow a little longer for delivery. My typical turn-around time is usually about a week. Don't forget to let me know, either as a note on the order or as a separate email, which charms/letters you would like.

Customer comments about this jewelry:

“I bought Raven's items as gifts in the past and I've decided it's about time to snag something for myself! I knew her creations are absolutely stunning based on how much my gift recipients are enjoying theirs, however now that I have the time and opportunity to truly appreciate my very own customization I have nothing else to say but thank you, Raven, from the bottom of my heart. There is nothing as perfect as a successful marriage between aesthetic beauty and inherent meaning-- as a lover of science, a woman, and many other things besides, you have given me a work of art that I will flaunt and treasure for a lifetime. As a very loyal and proud fan, I'm happy to say that I'll be back!”

“I love Raven's creativity behind this necklacePeople have often commented how art and science do not mix, but she has proven this is not true. So far, I have received compliments on the pendant, and I enjoyed knowing that nobody was able to tell the secret message it was carrying :)”

“ok...this is just too cool. I am such a dork, but it my name spelled out in Amino Acids looks pretty dang awesome. I ordered on Friday and got it the following Monday. It is incredibly good quality and the seller is really easy to work with.”

“This necklace was absolutely beautiful! My science geek friend loved it. Packaging is gorgeous. :)”