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Made With Molecules

chlorophyll/heme necklace


Chlorophyll is the center of photosynthesis and makes plants green. Heme is responsible for carrying the oxygen in our blood, causing the red color. At the center of each molecule is a porphyrin ring. This beautiful and symmetrical structure is critical to function, binding a metal ion - magnesium in chlorophyll and iron in heme.

This porphyrin ring molecular motif depicted in this pendant can represent chlorophyll or heme and also suggests a symbolism of the close relationship and interdependency of plants and animals.

In biology class we learn about the ecological dependencies of various organisms, but as a nascent gardener, I'm quickly gaining an intimate understanding of this on a practical level. Animals require plants and plants require animals. (And all of us multicellular organisms require healthy and diverse microbial communities, but that's a topic for a different necklace...)

These pendants are about 1.5 inches wide, made of solid sterling silver, and strung on a solid sterling silver ball chain, which can be adjusted between 16-18 inches. They are also available on a snake chain, also adjustable between 16-18 inches, as shown in the last image.

I've represented the central metal ion by a dangling gem stone. You can chose either the deep burgundy garnet (heme) or lime green peridot (chlorophyll) version. Animal lovers, marathon runners, and heath care professionals might like the heme version, while gardeners, botanists, and renewable energy enthusiasts might like the chlorophyll. Please note: I'm using natural gem stones, which are not perfectly spherical and may include inclusions - wonderfully individual & crafted by nature! The garnet stones I use are a bit more geometrically perfect than the peridots.

The necklace comes with an info card in a gift box.

Customer comments about this necklace:

“I was so excited to see this one! I wear it all the time now and Have received many compliments on it. It is a beautiful piece.”

"I am very happy with the porphyrin necklace, it's beautiful! And the
extra bonus is that, being a toxicologist, I can give curious friends a
mini-lecture on biology..."