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Made With Molecules

geosmin necklace


geosmin - the scent after rain

The world smells different after a long-needed rain shower. Breathe in deeply, and you are transported to a remembered yet timeless space. The scent is called petrichor: fresh, earthy, joyous.

This well-known and well-loved smell actually comes from the ground - largely from geosmin, a volatile molecule produced by soil-dwelling bacteria.

In necklace form, it is worn by those who appreciate rain and the healthy microbiomes in our soil.

Geosmin is also responsible for the earthy flavor of beets - and is an unwelcome flavor in wine.

The solid sterling silver pendant is about 1 inch long and .75 inch wide. You can choose a 16, an 18, or a 20 inch solid silver snake chain. Each is packaged in a recycled gift box and includes an informational tag about geosmin.