serotonin dangling necklace


  • Image of serotonin dangling necklace
  • Image of serotonin dangling necklace
  • Image of serotonin dangling necklace
  • Image of serotonin dangling necklace
  • Image of serotonin dangling necklace

serotonin - happiness, relaxation, and satiety

Serotonin makes us feel happy, satisfied, and content. It's the feeling of laying in a hammock on a warm day with a cold drink.

This dangling serotonin pendant has a simple, modern look and is sure to get noticed and spur conversations. It's a wonderful symbol for happiness, to give as gift and to wear daily.

I've designed this necklace with men in mind. Women may appreciate this necklace as a choker.

The pendant about 1.5 inches (4 cm) long, a bit larger than the serotonin pendant suspended at both ends. It's made from recycled/reclaimed sterling silver and strung on a black, braided cotton cord that is about 26 inches at its longest length. I've tied slip knots on both ends, so it can slip over your head and be adjusted to shorter lengths. Alternatively, you can choose an 18" sterling silver snake chain. Each comes in a recycled paper gift box with an informational tag about serotonin.

Customer comments about this necklace:

“This necklace is absolutely beautiful and I LOVE IT! Thank you for making such quirky, original and stunning work :)”

“Great seller, quick shipping, love the necklace. Thanks!”

“Exceptional quality. Beautiful packaging. Quick delivery. Love it!”

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