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  • Image of serotonin necklace
  • Image of serotonin necklace
  • Image of serotonin necklace
  • Image of serotonin necklace

serotonin - happiness, relaxation, and satiety

Serotonin is a modern symbol of happiness. Serotonin molecules interact with receptors in the brain to induce feelings of happiness, satisfaction, and relaxation.

Serotonin also has an elegant shape. As soon as I saw it I knew it had to be made into a necklace. As a necklace, it is an attention-grabber. People constantly compliment this necklace whenever I wear it around town or to a special event. And it works: when I glimpse it in the mirror, I smile.

Serotonin is a thoughtful gift for someone you wish happiness.

The quality, recycled/reclaimed sterling silver pendant is 1.5 inches wide and attached to a sterling silver snake chain that can be adjusted for length between 16 to 18 inches. It closes with a lobster clasp.

Each is packaged in a recycled gift box and includes an informational tag about serotonin.

Customer comments about this necklace:

“Loved everything about this item. From the solid snake chain to the the sturdy lobster clasp. Its beautiful and made an excellent gift. Also loved the earth friendly packaging, serotonin info card/tattoo and just the ribbon wrapped box it came in.”

“Bought it for my Wife (who suffers with depression and anxiety) and she loves it. Shipped on time and arrived by xmas. Its absolutely beautiful and really well made.”

“Really lovely! The chain feels solid and the piece lays down very nicely. :) Will be back!”

“What a beautiful necklace! I bought this with an eye to everyday wear and that's what it's definitely going to get. You do incredible work.”

“Beautiful, great quality and an amazing concept! This gift will be a big hit!”

“I am SO HAPPY with this purchase! The quality of the necklace really surprised me - it has some of weight to it and was clearly handcrafted with love. The chain is gorgeous and I love that I can adjust the length... It's perfect!”

Image of gemstone accent
gemstone accent
Image of tiny gemstone necklace
tiny gemstone necklace
Image of tiny serotonin necklace
tiny serotonin necklace
Image of tiny dopamine necklace
tiny dopamine necklace
Image of serotonin necklace - link
serotonin necklace - link
Image of serotonin earrings
serotonin earrings
Image of dopamine necklace suspended
dopamine necklace suspended
Image of dopamine necklace
dopamine necklace
Image of dopamine earrings
dopamine earrings
Image of dopamine ring
dopamine ring
Image of tiny serotonin heart necklace
tiny serotonin heart necklace
Image of tiny dopamine heart ruby necklace
Sold out
tiny dopamine heart ruby necklace
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anandamide ring
Image of anandamide necklace
anandamide necklace
Image of anandamide earrings
anandamide earrings
Image of oxytocin necklace - suspended
oxytocin necklace - suspended
Image of oxytocin necklace - dangling
Sold out
oxytocin necklace - dangling
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acetylcholine earrings
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GABA-glutamate earrings
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GABA yoga necklace
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melatonin necklace
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neurotransmitter bracelet
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endorphin choker
Image of ATP necklace
ATP necklace
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mixed molecular earrings
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creativity necklace
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focus necklace
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estrogen necklace
Image of estrogen earrings
estrogen earrings
Image of estrogen progesterone earrings
estrogen progesterone earrings
Image of progesterone necklace
progesterone necklace
Image of testosterone necklace
testosterone necklace
Image of DMT necklace
DMT necklace
Image of serotonin dangling necklace
serotonin dangling necklace
Image of serotonin necklace - black
serotonin necklace - black
Image of serotonin necklace - chunky
serotonin necklace - chunky
Image of serotonin cufflinks
serotonin cufflinks
Image of serotonin keychain
serotonin keychain
Image of dopamine keychain
dopamine keychain
Image of dopamine cufflinks
dopamine cufflinks
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