One Cacao Tree

One Cacao Tree

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8 1/2 x 11 inches, 150 pages, full color with lots of photos
published November 2022

Cacao became my obsession during the Stay-At-Home days during the pandemic. Before dawn I tempered and molded chocolate. In the daytime I took care of my trees and the trees at the University of Hawai'i Hilo. I explored methods of fermenting cacao bean in tiny batches and making chocolate bean to bar. I chatted with experts, took online classes, and read books and papers.

This book is a synthesis of everything I've learned. It explains how to make chocolate from tree-to-bar and beyond. Covering topics of growing & harvesting, simple tiny fermentations, and chocolate & confections making, this book will bring more cacao into your life. It is written with small scale cacao tree growers and amateur chocolate makers in mind, but may also interest chocolate enthusiasts everywhere.

Inside you will find:

• savory and sweet recipes for every step of the process
• ways to ferment a tiny amount of cacao seeds
• a primer on basic chocolate making skills
• tricks for tempering chocolate in a tropical climate
• inspiration for using locally grown ingredients
• guidance to tasting chocolate
• encouragement to experiment and play


One Cacao Pod
Tree to Bar Chocolate
Growing & Harvesting
Roasting & Winnowing
Tempering In the Tropics
Molding and Dipping
Flavor & Tasting
A Bad Batch?
Canoe Plants

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