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theobromine necklace


theobromine - chocolate

Ah, chocolate. Despite its bitter taste, we love it dearly. Perhaps this has something to do with the serotonin and dopamine released into
our brains when we eat it. Chocolate has many psychoactive chemicals: sugar, caffeine, anandamide (the bliss chemical), tryptophan, and the favored symbol of chocolate: theobromine.

Theobromine is a mild stimulant related to caffeine that makes up about 2% of cacao beans. It’s thought to elevate mood. The name theobromine is derived from Greek words, meaning "food of the gods." I would have to agree. Especially when mixed with spicy chili, the way the Mayans enjoyed it 2,600 years ago. For the health benefits from the flavonoids and antioxidants in chocolate, choose the darkest varieties. Yum!

The sterling silver pendant is 1.5 inches wide and attached to a sterling silver snake chain that can be adjusted for length between 16 to 18 inches. It closes with a lobster clasp.

Customer comments about this necklace:

“Wonderfully crafted, and looks beautiful on.”

“Thanks so much! My wife loved it, and it was a great 1 year anniversary present. Great packing and adorable box as well.”

“Thank you for this beautiful necklace. Well constructed and packaged nicely. Supplied promptly. I gave to my chemistry loving niece for Christmas and she loved it.”

“Beautiful, elegant piece, and super fast arrival :)”