mixed molecular earrings


  • Image of mixed molecular earrings
  • Image of mixed molecular earrings
  • Image of mixed molecular earrings
  • Image of mixed molecular earrings

Pick your own pair of molecule earrings!

The first photo shows caffeine and acetylcholine earrings, but you can choose whichever two molecules you'd like.

Each of these sterling silver charms are based on a shape of a molecule. The choices (the numbers correspond to the numbering in the photos) are:

1. testosterone
2. estrogen
3. glutamate (generally excites neurons)
4. acetylcholine (learning, memory, dreaming)
5. serotonin (happiness, relaxation, satisfaction)
6. caffeine
7. theobromine (chocolate)
8. norepinephrine (related to adrenaline; attention)
9. dopamine (love, pleasure, reward)
10. GABA (generally relaxes neurons)

(Water, ethanol, and theanine charms not pictured, but available - you can find photos in my other product pages.)

The earrings come on solid sterling silver French wires and are packaged in a recycled gift box with an info card about the molecule. When you order two, I'll package them together. (If you order more than two, please let me know which should be paired together when packed.)

Customer comments about these earrings:

“The earrings are perfect, just as pictured, and look very cute on the ears!”

“These were a gift for my recently-retired scientist mom, and she loves them! They are a great size, neither too big nor too small, and she's received many compliments!”

“Love these earrings, the vets and vet techs I work with in ER love them too.”

“Gorgeous and well made. A gift for my mother and she loved these! A unique addition to her collection.”

"I just received my order, and I must say these ear rings are absolutely stunning! Simply elegant, the photos really don't do them justice. Thank you so much!"

“Absolutely fantastic! My girl loved them so much, she's been taking them off to look at them, smile, and put them back on for two days! Thanks so much, Made with Molecules!”

Image of gemstone accent
gemstone accent
Image of tiny gemstone necklace
tiny gemstone necklace
Image of tiny theobromine necklace
tiny theobromine necklace
Image of tiny caffeine necklace
tiny caffeine necklace
Image of EGCG necklace
EGCG necklace
Image of theanine earrings
theanine earrings
Image of vanillin necklace
vanillin necklace
Image of water earrings
water earrings
Image of resveratrol necklace
resveratrol necklace
Image of resveratrol earrings
resveratrol earrings
Image of ethanol charm necklace
ethanol charm necklace
Image of ethanol earrings
ethanol earrings
Image of caffeine necklace
caffeine necklace
Image of caffeine earrings
caffeine earrings
Image of caffeine cufflinks
Sold out
caffeine cufflinks
Image of theobromine cufflinks
theobromine cufflinks
Image of theobromine necklace
theobromine necklace
Image of theobromine necklace - black
theobromine necklace - black
Image of theobromine earrings
theobromine earrings
Image of capsaicin necklace
capsaicin necklace
Image of allicin earrings
allicin earrings
Image of caffeine necklace - chunky
caffeine necklace - chunky
Image of capsaicin necklace - chunky
capsaicin necklace - chunky
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