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Made With Molecules

giving back

MWM is committed to making our world a better place. This includes donating at least 1% of proceeds to environmental and science education non-profits. 

Previous Donations to:

The Surfrider Foundation - keeping oceans and beaches healthy 

The Bay Institute - research, education, & advocacy to protect the San Francisco Bay environment

Roots and Shoots - a Jane Goodall Institute program to educate youth on environmental matters

WomenCare - grassroots resources for women with cancer

Exploratorium - museum to discover natural principles

Coral Reef Alliance - encourages people and businesses to cooperate to preserve the coral reefs

‘Imiloa Astronomy Center - teaches kids & adults about nature through astronomy and Hawaiian culture

Chez Panisse Foundation - teaches school children to grow and appreciate garden foods

The Earth Island Institute -  a hub for grassroots efforts to conserve, preserve, and restore ecosystems

Yosemite Institute - takes city kids into Nature

Heifer International - provides animals to people in impoverished places

Marin Organic - supports sustainable farming

Sustainable Harvest - helps Central Americans live sustainably, healthily, and in harmony with the forests

Union of Concerned Scientists - promotes science-based solutions to current problems

Breadfruit Institute - ending hunger in the tropics one breadfruit tree at a time