tiny serotonin necklace

tiny serotonin necklace

$60.00 USD - $250.00 USD

I'm completely enamored with this petite serotonin molecule necklace, available in a variety of metal options. It's perfect for people who like their jewelry subtle, elegant, and imbued with meaning.

Shown in the first photo from left to right:

14K solid yellow gold
14K solid rose gold
solid sterling silver
14K gold plate/fill (not currently available)

The shape of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that can make us feel pleasantly happy, relaxed and satisfied, is modeled in this elegant little charm. It's the perfect accessory for hectic days - a reminder to slow down, be mindful, and enjoy the good things.

The molecule is about .5 inch in the longest dimension, and the loop adds another 1/8 inch.

You can choose 14K solid yellow or rose gold, each on a thin 14K solid gold 16 or 18 inch cable chain that closes with a spring ring.

The silver version comes your choice of a 16, 18, or 20 inch link chain that closes with a lobster clasp, all solid sterling silver.

I'm also offering gold plate/fill as a less expensive gold-color option. The charm is high quality, heavy 14K gold electroplate over sterling silver. The 18 inch chain is high quality, 14K gold filled.

Each comes in a pretty, recycled gift box with a card about serotonin, and makes a wonderful gift for someone special.

Please note: I'm currently shipping the solid gold versions to US addresses only.

tiny serotonin necklace Image 2 tiny serotonin necklace Image 3 tiny serotonin necklace Image 4 tiny serotonin necklace Image 5
tiny dopamine necklace
$60.00 USD - $250.00 USD
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$90.00 USD
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