dopamine necklace


  • Image of dopamine necklace
  • Image of dopamine necklace
  • Image of dopamine necklace
  • Image of dopamine necklace
  • Image of dopamine necklace

dopamine - love and pleasure

The neurotransmitter dopamine acts in the pleasure center of our
brains. It motivates us to desire pleasurable activities such as eating,
kissing, and novel experiences. The feelings of desire that accompany being in love are due to an increase in dopamine.

In addition to its role in the pleasure pathway, dopamine is critical for movement control, memory, attention, and problem solving.

Asymmetrical yet balanced, dopamine's shape makes a beautiful hanging pendant.

The sterling silver pendant is about 1 1/4 inches long and is attached to either a black waxed cotton cord, a sterling silver snake chain, or a braided brown leather cord in several choices of length. All close with a sterling silver lobster clasp.

Each is packaged in a recycled gift box and includes an informational tag about dopamine.

Customer comments about this necklace:

“Such great quality and the compliments never stop! I loved it so much that I lost my original necklace and bought another one!!”

“Gorgeous necklace. I love, love, love it.”

“Dynamite... well made and the perfect gift. Thanks!”

“Beautiful necklace! I can't wait to give it to my partner. Super fast shipping too! Thank you so much!”

“FABULOUS necklace!! Very, very happy -- thanks so much!! :D”

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