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  • Image of allicin earrings
  • Image of allicin earrings
  • Image of allicin earrings
  • Image of allicin earrings

I love garlic. That's a good thing, since my partner uses garlic like it's a carrot or celery or other vegetable when he cooks.

The molecule allicin is created when garlic is cut or crushed, and it responsible for the garlic smell. A small sulfur-containing molecule, it has anti-fugal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties. It is one of the compounds that makes garlic such a healthy addition to our diets.

The design of these earrings is based on the allicin molecule. The charms are about .75 inch long, made of solid sterling silver, and attached to solid sterling silver French wires. They are both elegant and lighthearted. They come packaged in a recycled gift box with a card about allicin. They make a great gift to your favorite chef, nutritionist, or garlic-lover.

Also: these earrings are guaranteed as effective as a garlic bulb necklace to keep away vampires.

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