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  • Image of EGCG necklace
  • Image of EGCG necklace
  • Image of EGCG necklace
  • Image of EGCG necklace

EGCG - green tea

People have cultivated Camellia sinensis tea for over 4,000 years. This long relationship is based on benefits tea brings people, benefits that have long been instinctively or empirically known but only recently understood through modern science.

Tea has many beneficial molecular constituents. The psychoactive molecules theanine and caffeine produce a state of relaxed awareness, prized by some mediators. Unlike coffee, tea rarely causes jitters, it can lend a tranquil mood.

Tea not just enjoyable to drink, but also can reduce cholesterol, fight cancer, treat HIV, and reduce neurodegeneration.

Tea is my hot drink of choice. Each morning before sunrise I brew my first mug of jasmine green tea, and I often enjoy chai or iced tea in the afternoon. I love its smell, its taste, and that it seems so luxurious and gourmet and yet is so healthy, too. I might admit to being a little obsessed - I've even started growing some tea plants in our yard and have enjoyed my own tea with its extremely local terroir.

In celebration of the wondrousness of tea, this pendant is based on epigallocatechin gallate, a particularly potent type of catechin, which are antioxidant molecules found in tea. EGCG is famous for its health properties, as both an anti-oxidant and an anti-inflammatory. Found most abundantly in white and green tea, EGCG can protect against cancer, HIV, dementia, and many other diseases.

EGCG is really an amazing molecule, and also gorgeous in silver.

The solid sterling silver pendant is about 1.5 inches wide. It comes on a solid sterling silver snake chain. The necklace is adjustable between about 16-18 inches. Each is packaged with a little info card about EGCG in a recycled paper gift box tied with a ribbon.

(The last photo shows the necklace with the theanine earrings (click here) - based on the wonderful mindful relaxation molecule from all kinds of tea.)

Handmade in the USA!

Customer comments about this necklace:

"My necklace arrived the other day! I received many compliments on it at my workplace and from my friends. Considering that I love chemistry and drink copious amounts of tea each day, they all thought it was an excellent purchase. The necklace is so very elegant and well-made! My chemistry professors had fun trying to figure out what molecule the pendant represented!"

"my wife absolutely loved it!"

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