caffeine earrings


  • Image of caffeine earrings
  • Image of caffeine earrings
  • Image of caffeine earrings

For coffee lovers, tea connoisseurs, soda guzzlers, and those that dissolve no doze in their ice water, I present the caffeine earrings.

These are made from quality, recycled/reclaimed sterling silver and about 3/4 inches long. They come on sterling silver French wires. You will receive them in a pretty, recycled gift box with a card about caffeine.

Customer comments about these earrings:

“So darn cute! The recipient will definitely love them. Thanks again Raven! “

“Thank you so much for the fast shipping! I really love this pair of earrings and have already gotten compliments from my friends about it :D I'll definitely visit your store again in the near future ~<3”

“Love, love love!!! There are no other words to use.”

“Very communicative seller. Fast shipping. Awesomely unique gift - which my girlfriend loves!”

Image of tiny theobromine necklace
tiny theobromine necklace
Image of tiny caffeine necklace
tiny caffeine necklace
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molecule bracelet
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EGCG necklace
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vanillin necklace
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Image of caffeine necklace
caffeine necklace
Image of caffeine cufflinks
Sold out
caffeine cufflinks
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theobromine cufflinks
Image of theobromine necklace
theobromine necklace
Image of theobromine necklace - black
theobromine necklace - black
Image of theobromine earrings
theobromine earrings
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allicin earrings
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Image of caffeine necklace - chunky
caffeine necklace - chunky
Image of capsaicin necklace - chunky
capsaicin necklace - chunky
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