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  • Image of ATP necklace
  • Image of ATP necklace
  • Image of ATP necklace
  • Image of ATP necklace

ATP for energy

Adenosine triphosphate is the currency for energy in our cells. It is also a precursor for DNA. It's composed of the adenine (DNA base) attached to a ribose sugar (DNA backbone) attached to a row of three phosphates. The bonds between the phosphates store high energy. Breaking the last bond, turning the tri-phosphate into a di-phosphate, is the chemical energy that fuels our cells. The ADP is then turned back into ATP (remember the Krebs cycle?), thereby recycling the resource. Wikipedia tells me that we turn-over the equivalent of our body weight in ATP every day!

Rendered in solid sterling silver, the ATP is a beautiful symbol for energy. Perfect for athletes, moms, postdocs, and anyone else who would, at times, benefit from some extra energy.

The pendant is about 2 inches wide and is attached to a solid sterling silver snake chain. The necklace is adjustable between ~16-18 inches. If you would prefer a different length please let me know.

The necklace comes in an elegant recycled paper gift box tied with a ribbon. Perfect for a gift. I include a little card about ATP.

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