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Made With Molecules

AUG start codon necklace

$120.00 - $140.00

new expressions

Our genes are expressed by turning the information stored in nucleic acids into proteins. The nucleic acid word that starts the gene's story is A-U-G, almost like the phrase "once upon a time" starts a fable.

A-U-G is called the "start codon." I like this as a symbolic nod to beginnings. What new things are you expressing?

The charms are made of quality recycled/reclaimed sterling silver. They are ~3/4 inch long. They hang from a 16" sterling silver chain. The beads on the chain prevent the charms from clumping in the center.

The necklace comes with an info card in a recycled gift box tied with a ribbon.

Customer comments on this necklace:

“Perfect graduation gift! Beautiful packaging as always. Thanks!”

“Lovely necklace. The molecules are just the right size, not too big or too small. very nice.”

“The pictures do not do it justice. This necklace is absolutely gorgeous. Beautifully handcrafted and dainty, which is not to be confused with delicate as in it could easily break, but rather in that it looks quite feminine and I want to wear it with all my dresses. I adore this necklace so very much.”

“This was a gift for a dear friend. She loves it. The way the pendants drape along the chain is perfect. Not only does she love it, but I adore how it fits her and suits her.”

“:) Stunning. Even more beautiful in person. High quality, gleaming conversation piece. Can't wait to go to work in the lab tomorrow! I will get to tell everyone about Made With Molecules!!”