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Made With Molecules

estrogen progesterone earrings


A woman experiences her life in cycles. Culture works in cycles, too, and past ideas on denying our monthly cycles of energy and mood have thankfully given way to new movements supporting and celebrating this aspect of womanhood. We now realize that, far from being a weakness, it is a superpower. It is through our cycles that we best understand the cycles of nature and the cycles of life.

In our cycles, the hormones estrogen and progesterone dance with each other. When not in balance, there is trouble, but when in balance, they are wonderful partners, their dance both elegant and complicated.

This mixed-pair of earrings, one estrogen and one progesterone, pay tribute to cycles, balance, and the delights and challenges of being a woman.

The charms are about 1.25 inches long, made from solid sterling silver, and hang from sterling silver French wires. They come in a recycled gift box with a informational tag about the molecules that inspired them.