focus necklace

focus necklace

$120.00 USD

Wear this when you have long work days, big exams, and impossible "to do" lists. It is also a reminder that focusing on one task at a time makes us happier.

The three molecules featured on this necklace are norepinephrine, acetylcholine, and dopamine, which aid focus and attention.

The necklace is sterling silver and 16 inches long. It comes with a card identifying the molecules in a recycled paper gift box.

Customer comments on this necklace:

“Absolutely exquisite work and so creative. I have purchased multiple items here and am always thrilled with my purchase. Thanks very much!”

“Absolute class piece of art. An ideal way for me to embrace my chem nerd. I love it! Thank you.”

“I love LOVE this necklace, it's so wonderful! Thank you!!”

“gorgeous! Wonderful and I've gotten SO many compliments on it.”

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