serotonin earrings


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  • Image of serotonin earrings
  • Image of serotonin earrings

serotonin - happiness, relaxation, and satiety

These sterling silver earrings are inspired by the shape of the serotonin molecule, a neurotransmitter that induce feelings of happiness, satiation, and relaxation.

They are good for days when you might need a little happiness boost.

The solid sterling silver charms are about 1 inch long and hang on solid sterling silver French wires. The earrings come in a recycled gift box with a tag about serotonin.

Customer comments about these earrings:

“Item was shipped promptly, excellent quality and was nicely packaged. My daughter loves them (a present obviously), what more could you want.”

“Arrived quickly. The earrings have a good weight to them and are not too small or too big. These are a gift for my chemist sister--I'm sure she'll love them!”

“OMG I love, love, love these earrings! Beautifully made and delivered in only a week :D”

“Excellent earrings. They arrived super quick and look just right! I love the little touches on the packaging, special tissue paper and a little info card and everything :). Would definitely purchase more molecules to add to the collection!”

“*gasp* I was stunned when these arrived!! The quality is amazing, the design is beautiful and such a unique concept. The packaging is nothing short of fantastic. I am beyond happy!!! Raven, you have made my day and I can't wait to give these to my medical scientist friend!!! Thank you so much!!”

“The perfect size! My ears are ridiculously sensitive and sometimes irritated even by sterling silver, but these feel great :)”

“Made for a beautiful and unique gift; my pharmacist sister LOVED them! Thank you”

“I bought these as a gift for my sister and she didn't stop talking about them for months! Thank you.”

Image of gemstone accent
gemstone accent
Image of tiny gemstone necklace
tiny gemstone necklace
Image of tiny serotonin necklace
tiny serotonin necklace
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tiny dopamine necklace
Image of serotonin necklace
serotonin necklace
Image of serotonin necklace - link
serotonin necklace - link
Image of dopamine necklace suspended
dopamine necklace suspended
Image of dopamine necklace
dopamine necklace
Image of dopamine earrings
dopamine earrings
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dopamine ring
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tiny serotonin heart necklace
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tiny dopamine heart ruby necklace
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serotonin dangling necklace
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serotonin necklace - black
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serotonin necklace - chunky
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serotonin cufflinks
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serotonin keychain
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dopamine cufflinks
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