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solstice cards


I love celebrating the solstices because they are not arbitrary days like some other holidays, but determined by the natural world. The winter solstice is the moment when our hemisphere is tilted the furthest away from the sun. (Here on Earth, we perceive that as the sun being in either the southernmost (for the northern hemisphere) or the northernmost (for the southern hemisphere) part of the sky. This occurrence was important to many ancient cultures who were necessarily more observant of the cycles of nature.

My solstice cards fold out to display the moon, Earth, and Sun overlapping. This gives the sense of these bodies in space. I hope it spurs reflections on our relationship to our planet, the solar system, and the Universe. Also, it looks great displayed with other holiday cards on a shelf or mantle!

This is a set of five greeting cards designed by me and printed using soy inks on recycled paper by, an eco-friendly printer. The cards are cut, glitter-painted, and folded by hand, so do not expect them to be perfect, machine-made clones. They are 4x5.5 inches when folded and come with 100% recycled kraft paper, peel-and-stick envelopes.

The last photo shows the back of the card, which displays some information about the solstice, so even your non-science or non-solstice inclined friends and family will understand. People of all religions and non-religions can appreciate this holiday card!

Customer comments about these cards:

“These are absolutely adorable! I'm a Meteorologist who does research in Solar Physics so these are THE PERFECT holiday card for me! Thank you!”

“These are great! Beautiful and different.”

“I am delighted with my cards. Order arrived promptly, nicely packaged and in good condition. The cards are really beautiful and I will definitely buy from here again.”

“These are beautifully made cards. I am quite thrilled with this purchase. Shipping was fast and I know the recipients will enjoy these. Thank you!”